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Spring Break 2024
Wynwood Nightclub Package


Spring Break 2024 Nightclub Package

The 2023 Miami Spring Break Nightclub package starts out at a Miami Beach Lounge. Guests check-in at the time specified and enjoy free karaoke. Drinks and food are available (for purchase only) at the check-in location.  After the check-in process that has a duration of approximately 1 hour guests are provided with a complementary one way Party Bus or Limousine transfer to Miami's Art District known as Wynwood.  Known for its open-air patio and lounge type nightlife our Wynwood Nightclub package offers a different club on each night.  During the provided one Way Transportation to the club complementary Top Shelf Drinks are provided at no extra charge, guests may also BYOB during the transfer to the club.  Upon arrival to the selected Wynwood Nightclub partygoers are escorted into the club without extended wait times in line. After entering the club guests are welcome to party the night away until the club closes witch is typical around 3:00AM. but can vary depending on the particular club. 

We recommend ride share services at the end of the night as the transportation provided is one way to the club only.

What is nightlife like in Miami's art district known as Wynwood?

 Miami's former industrial district turned trendy arts hub is crawling with new nightlife hotspots making it a fun spot to party.  Wynwood nightlife is known for it's outdoor patio open-air clubs and lounge type nightlife. 

2024 Spring Break Nightclub Package Schedule 

MONDAY - Pilo's Nightclub (Hip Hop & Latin Music)

                     Check-in start time: 9:00 P.M

TUESDAY - TBA (Hip Hop/Latin/Open Format Music)

                      Check-in start time: 9:00 P.M.

WEDNESDAY - Pilo's Nightclub (Hip Hop & Latin Music)

                              Check-in start time: 8:00 P.M.

THURSDAY - Racket Lounge (Hip Hop & R&B Music)

                         Check-in start time: 8:00 P.M.

FRIDAY - Brick Nightclub (Hip Hop, R&B Music)

                   Check-in start time: 8:00 P.M.

SATURDAY - Wood Tavern (Hip Hop, R&B Music)

                         Check-in start time: 9:00 P.M.

SUNDAY -  Brick Nightclub (Hip Hop & R&B Music)

                      Check-in start time: 8:00 P.M.

Times mentioned are the check-in start times, the check-in has a duration of one hour followed by the transportation trip to the club. Guests will arrive to the selected club approximately 2 hours after the check-in start time. 

The club schedule and check-in times are subject to change.


Pay only a reservation deposit of $40 per person to reserve, the balance of $60 per person is due at the check in location on the reservation date.

After submitting the reservation our system will automatically send your itinerary to the email address you provided during the secure check out process.


All guests must read and agree to these terms:

All reservation deposits are non-refundable or transferable.

The balance due as mentioned must be paid in cash.  

Services mentioned are not for private parties and are not private rentals. 

Mode of transportation used (party bus or limo) is dependent on the total group size for the evening and not the choice of the customer.

Guests do not have to pay a separate cover charge at the door of the nightclub.

The check-in time and club schedule is subject to change.

Guests can be denied service at the check-in location or at the door of the club due to intoxication or improper dress code. 

Tickets/reservation deposits are to reserve only, all guests must pay the balance at the check-in location.

Top shelf drink selection varies and is subject to change.

As noted, all transportation provided to the club is one way.

In rare cases the balance due may be subject to change for a special event or celebrity appearance.

The times on our reservation calendar reflect the check-in start time, guests arrive to the club approximately 2 hours after the check-in start time.

Start times may be subject to change.

All guests must be 21 years of age or older and possess a valid identification exceptions will not be made.

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